The Origin Family

Siti Kamaluddin


Siti Kamaluddin is the first female director in Brunei who is also considered to be one of the 50 most influential women in Brunei Darussalam. She directed her film “Mentari” (2014) where six female directors from ASEAN countries made an anthology of film to celebrate International Women’s Day. Her feature films ‘Yasmine’ (2014) and ‘Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat’ (2018) were ground breaking within the region. ‘Yasmine’ receives the Best Asian Film Award at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival 2014 while ‘Hari Minggu Yang Ke- Empat’ is a Special Jury Award recipient for the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Macau. In 2020, Siti Kamaluddin released her third feature, Akademi which was a hit at the Bruneian Box Office.

Chan Man Ching


Chan Man Ching was born in Hong Kong, and has more than 28 years of experience in the film industry in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Hollywood. He designed the action choreography for Jackie Chan for more than 18 years as a leading member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. In 2010, Chan Man Ching began collaborating with Origin to produce Brunei’s first feature film, Yasmine that was released in 2014 as the Action Director and now producer of Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat. In 2020, he returns as the action director for the hit feature film ‘Akademi’

Din Kamaluddin


Din Kamaluddin has always had a passion for film and business. While finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from UiTM, Melaka and then a Master’s Degree in the same course from Brunel University, London, he would often take on the role of Art Director in several TV commercials and corporate videos under Origin Artistic Management.

Upon graduating, Din wasted no time in pursuing his passion for film and produced his first feature film, Yasmine in 2014. Din’s strong leadership, effective teamwork and business acumen has continued in producing Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat and Akademi.

Munji Athirah


Munji Athirah is a film producer in Brunei who produced her debut feature film ‘Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat’ in 2018. Coming from a marketing and public relations background during the distribution of Yasmine in 2014, Munji is well versed in making sure a film hits on its theatre screen and its ancillaries. Upon joining the Origin family, Munji has produced a multitude of TV Commercials and documentaries for some of Brunei’s largest corporations and have now, alongside director- Siti Kamaluddin set up Brunei’s first film school, Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia. In 2020, Munji produced her second feature ‘Akademi’.